Audie + Elisabeth |Pet Session|

Our pets are more than pets.  They are family, no doubt about that.  Photographing pet sessions when pets are getting old/sick has always been special to me.  When my dog became sick back in February and was quickly fading, we were fortunate enough to have a special friend of mine come and take pictures of us before she passed.  Those are photos I will treasure forever.  Now I know really how it feels to be on this side of the situation, and it is tough.  I hate that our best friends age so much faster than us & they can’t be with us forever.
I went back to FL last week, and set up this session with a friend of a friend, Elisabeth, whose pup is getting older.  Audie was such a sweetheart.  A gentle giant.  A lovebug.  It’s absolutely evident that he is very much loved and I can totally see why.  He’s a beautiful soul.  Elisabeth, a recent cancer survivor, has gone through a tough year, and her sweet dogs have been there for her every step of the way.  That’s the great thing about dogs, right?  Always there when you need them.  God bless their loyal hearts.

Elisabeth, thank you for trusting me with such an important session.  Your upbeat attitude and outlook on life is truly inspiring to me.  It was an honor to do this for you!!












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