Lake Lure With Friends

So I’ve basically been a hermit crab since moving here to upstate SC. Trying to catch up on all this editing, which I love doing, but I haven’t been able to get out and explore this gorgeous place! I’ve happily enjoyed networking with some fab entrepreneurs of Greenville, most being fantastic photographers. I clicked right away with Laci from Laci Frazier Weddings and Ginia from Ginia Worrell Photography. We planned an exploring/picture day at the beautiful Lake Lure. The drive up was gorgeous, and we even saw a farm of tiny horses. AHH!! When we got up to our destination, we each took turns in front of the camera, which I admit, is super super awkward. I hate being in front of the camera. Double standards? Probably. Sorry. But I LOVED hanging out and getting to know my new friends. They helped me feel better being photographed and made me feel gorgeous. Love them for that! And I absolutely loved photographing them in this gorgeous spot. I can’t wait to go back and explore some more. So much to see! OH did I mention that this is where they filmed one of the best films of all time?? DIRTY DANCING?! Nobody puts Baby in the corner!! So yeah, this place is pretty much magical.

Lake Lure_0001

Lake Lure_0002

Lake Lure_0003

Lake Lure_0004

Lake Lure_0005

Lake Lure_0006

Lake Lure_0007

Lake Lure_0008

Lake Lure_0009

Lake Lure_0010

Lake Lure_0011

Lake Lure_0012