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Intimate Mountain Wedding | Ginny + Carlos |

You know me.. I am such a stinkin’ sucker for intimate mountain weddings. This gorgeous wedding goes down as one of my favorites of all time. Perfect from beginning to end. If it was my wedding, I wouldn’t have changed…Read the Full Post

Winery Wedding | Irina + Sean |

How I love intimate, beautiful weddings!! MY FAVORITE!! And add a winery as the venue?? Who could resist falling in love with this wedding? Irina & Sean looked amazing and were as calm as cucumbers. Or is it cool as…Read the Full Post

Katie + Olivia | Romantic Same Sex Wedding |

Olivia & Katie’s wedding was one of the most special, most beautiful weddings I’ve ever photographed.  I just love this couple so, so much.  Firstly, I admit, I’m a sucker for same sex weddings.  Something about how they only just…Read the Full Post

St Petersburg Museum Of Fine Arts Wedding | Kelly + Andrew |

It’s so much fun to work with couples that I get along with so well.  Kelly & Andrew are two of the sweetest people, and constantly making sure that WE were taken care of.  (We’re fine!!  What can we can…Read the Full Post

The Rialto Wedding | Kendra + Mike |

I love it when my friends get married!! And I’m so completely honored when I’m the photographer! I met Kendra about 5 years ago when I photographed one of her friend’s weddings. She contacted me because she was a photographer…Read the Full Post

Sassafras Mountain- After Wedding Session | Jennie & Angel |

In probably one of my most favorite post-wedding sessions of all time, Jennie & Angel blew it out of the park. We went up to my favorite mountain, Sassafras Mountain, and photographed them being in love and having fun. No…Read the Full Post

Claxton Farm Wedding | Jennie + Angel |

What is there to be said about a perfect couple and their perfect destination wedding in the mountains of Asheville, NC? Jennie and Angel live in Miami, but wanted to come up here for their wedding & was so excited…Read the Full Post

The River Road and Jasmine House Wedding | Mandy + Kevin |

I usually get to meet my clients before their wedding day, but unfortunately we weren’t able to. BUT as soon as I met Mandy & Kevin, I felt right at home, like I knew them for years. Both super fun…Read the Full Post

Hotel Domestique Wedding | Jenna + James |

So this is the kind of wedding that I had in mind when we moved here from Florida. This is exactly my dream, picturesque wedding to photograph. Jenna and James are absolutely gorgeous, and soooo amazing to work with. And…Read the Full Post

Powel Crosley Estate Wedding | Andrea + Sheldon |

Sweet, sweet Andrea & Sheldon. This couple is one of the sweetest, most caring and genuine couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Shooting this wedding was a breeze because not only was it beautiful, but it was…Read the Full Post

Heather + Matt | Bird Island Lake Ranch Wedding |

How do you describe a wedding that was so perfect in every aspect? Bear with me, this is going to be an extra long blog post. There were so many details so carefully crafted by the couple. Seriously, they even…Read the Full Post

Sam + Bill | Powel Crosley Wedding |

Sam and Bill traveled down to sunny Sarasota, FL all the way from New Jersey for their wedding. And so many of their family and friends were there to celebrate with them. It was such a gorgeous day, and it…Read the Full Post