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Waterfall Engagement | Kayla + Chris |

When you have a gorgeous looking couple who wants to take their photos in a waterfall, you jump at the opportunity!! Despite it being cold & slippery, they did so amazing!! So so so amazing!! It was a lot harder…Read the Full Post

Audie + Elisabeth |Pet Session|

Our pets are more than pets.  They are family, no doubt about that.  Photographing pet sessions when pets are getting old/sick has always been special to me.  When my dog became sick back in February and was quickly fading, we…Read the Full Post

‘I Love You’ session | Stephanie + Eddie |

I was SO excited that Stephanie and Eddie wanted to do a session, just because.  I shot their wedding, which seems like forever ago.  I loved their cute, crafty style!   We’ve kept in touch through facebook since then.  I love…Read the Full Post

Romantic Floral Wedding – Sneak Peek

I’m head over heels for Hannah & Caleb’s stunning floral decorations for their Lake Eva wedding.  Looking forward to editing and sharing these!  So pretty!!

Powel Crosley Wedding – Lauren + Rob

I’ve been waiting all year for this wedding.  No joke, I was crazy excited.  My favorite wedding planner + my favorite venue.. I knew it was going to equal magic.  And it sooooo did.  And then top it off with…Read the Full Post

Sexy Boudoir Sneak Peek!

Swooooon.  This classy gal is mega hot.  I had the most amazing time photographing her super sexy boudoir session. Check back soon for more beautiful pics!!  I can’t wait to show you!

Nick & Todd’s Toga Birthday Party

Toga party?!  Yes, please!  So much fun, I can’t even tell you.  And I know you remember Otis Day & The Knights, from National Lampoon’s Animal House.  THEY WERE THERE!!  Best.Birthday.EVER!  Happy Birthday to Nick & Todd!!

Welcome to the NEW site of Jessica Charles Photography

It’s great, right??  Couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  And I have one person to thank.  Andi Mans from Snap & Thread.  Pretty much a genius at what she does.  And believe me, she does EVERYTHING!!  Check her…Read the Full Post