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Bald Rock Engagement | Rachel + Marc |

Rachel & Marc had one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. They are such a gorgeous couple PLUS getting to photograph them in such beautiful locations? YESSS!! At first we stopped at Bald Rock for a bit for some mountain…Read the Full Post

Graveyard Fields Engagement | Frances + Jonathan |

MAN, I’m in love with these engagement sessions lately. My couples are PHENOMENAL!! Frances & Jonathan are this super cute, young, sweet couple. They met at a New Years Eve party at a mutual friend’s house & have been connected…Read the Full Post

Waterfall Engagement | Kayla + Chris |

When you have a gorgeous looking couple who wants to take their photos in a waterfall, you jump at the opportunity!! Despite it being cold & slippery, they did so amazing!! So so so amazing!! It was a lot harder…Read the Full Post

Table Rock Engagement | Ginny + Carlos |

I’m so excited about working with Ginny & Carlos. Ginny, a SC native moved to Spain for a while for school & there she met the love of her life, Carlos. They share a love of travel & photography, and…Read the Full Post

Downtown St. Petersburg Engagement | Shirley + Lee |

Shirley + Lee!!  Such an amazing couple!!  Oh my gosh, what a blast we had at their engagement session.  We went all over downtown St. Pete, my old “stompin’ grounds”, and basically laughed the entire time.  They are both hilarious…Read the Full Post

Table Rock Engagement | Julia + Stephen |

These two!!  Let me just start off by saying I am so glad I have met Julia & Stephen.  They are so cute and so much fun.  Julia is finishing up school in upstate NY, and her and Stephen have…Read the Full Post

Paris Mountain Engagement | Katie + Olivia |

These two girls are two of the sweetest people on the planet. And gorgeous. AND amazing. I was so excited to get to work with them, and of course of all days, I got so sick at their engagement session….Read the Full Post

Kendra + Mike |Seminole Heights Engagement Session|

Kendra and Mike are my dream clients!! Everything about them is awesome, fun and so laid back. I’ve known Kendra through one of my very first brides way back when, and we both shared a love of photography. She also…Read the Full Post

Jenna + James | Hotel Domestique + Pointsett Bridge Engagement Session |

So I haven’t officially “announced” that I’ve packed up my things, moved out of hot, sunny FL & into the mountains of upstate South Carolina. Greenville, South Carolina, to be exact. I guess I should have done that a few…Read the Full Post

Boho Engagement – Heather + Matt

Guys, this is one of my most favorite engagement sessions ever.  This couple, this boho style, this venue.. totally up my alley. From the first moment I met Heather and Matt, I fell in love with them.  Heather has the…Read the Full Post

Downtown / Locale Engagement Sesssion – Kelly + Jason

I love my couples.  There’s no other way to say it.  It’s true.  It was completely storming the day of Kelly & Jason’s engagement session.  When trying to brainstorm on inside places to shoot, I think of Locale because I…Read the Full Post