Alpaca Birthday

If you know me, you know that I LOVE alpacas. Like, REALLY LOVE. And who wouldn’t? They are the most adorable creatures ever!! Those big, beady eyes.. Those huge buck teeth.. The softest fleece! And when they are sheared, they have the skinniest, most adorably gumby necks. I mean, you literally can’t get cuter than an alpaca (my apologies to my pets.) I feel like Kristen Bell feels when she sees a sloth. Like, obsessed. I’ve even been trying to convince Bryan that we should get three. I need one, and you can’t have just one because it’ll get lonely because they are pack animals. And I need a third because, well, I can’t stop at two. Can you blame me?
I wanted to go to an alpaca farm for my birthday. (How old am I again? I keep forgetting. I don’t care enough to do the math.) I gathered up the phone numbers to all the local alpaca farms in the area (who knew there would be so many), and the first one I contacted, Venezia Dream Farm, was a winner. Starr, the owner, was so sweet and so excited that I was so excited. I claimed “I love alpacas!” and she answered back, in the same excited tone, “ME TOO!”
Me, my husband and a few friends headed over, and Starr met us outside, letting us know the alpacas were keeping cool in the barn. They like the fans. So we went to the barn and and oh my gosh, I couldn’t even contain myself. Females on one side and males on the other. There was even a baby, and I wanted to cry because it was SO cute. All of the females were pretty cautious and didn’t want to get close. The males were a little more curious, so they got close, but overall didn’t want to be touched. But there was one male, Boomer, who just loved to be petted, scratched and adored. If you crouch down, he likes to smell the top of your head. I couldn’t stop petting him, and oh my gosh, his fleece was so incredible. I could have stayed in that barn forever. Just give me a mattress and some water, and I’ll sleep there. We learned so much about alpacas and I have all this info stored for when we get a mini farm of our own. It will happen, oh yes.
Until then, I can’t wait to go back and visit some more. But this birthday was the best birthday ever!!