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    Hello! I’m Jessica.
    I’m not your traditional, standard wedding photographer. I love being creative and photographing from a personal point of view. I have an eye for details, and I love all things vintage & DIY. I’ve been known to host a few craft days, and love to have my brides over to do some crafts for their wedding! I really get excited over fabulous people & fabulous things. I LOVE my couples, and love the relationships that I’ve formed with my couples.

    I love to travel & I’m excited to say that I’ve shot weddings in places like gorgeous Puerto Rico & amazing Alaska. I live in & adore St. Petersburg, FL, but of course, you can find me anywhere!! I’m often in Orlando, Sarasota, and even New Orleans! In my free time, you can find me antique shopping at my favorite stores downtown, or you may even find me at Disney World, where I get to hang out with my BFF, Ariel. I’m obsessed with photography and I really, really love my job. After you explore my site, check out my facebook page. I’d really love to hear from you if you’re getting married, or even if you want to say hi and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people! I really can’t wait to get to know you!

    I consider myself a wedding photographer, but I also love photographing just about everything! Count me in for family sessions, maternity, newborn, boudoir… whatever you want photos for, I’ll be sure to make it special for you.

    I have been featured on Style Me Pretty Florida and Ruffled!

First Look Sneak Peek – Liz + Kyle

It’s no secret, one of my favorite parts of the day is when the couples choose to do a first look.  I can go on and on and on about how special it is.  So intimate, so exciting..  And you don’t have the boundaries you would if you waited till the ceremony.  Liz and Kyle decided to have their first look on a dock overlooking Loon Lake in Hale, Michigan.  No one else was around except Bara and I with our telephoto lenses, waaaay back in the distance.  It was PERFECTION.  They hugged, kissed, talked to each other without the pressure of being on a time limit.  And the smile on his face.. OH MY GOD.  I loved every moment.

kyle_liz_002 kyle_liz_003 kyle_liz_004 kyle_liz_005 kyle_liz_006 kyle_liz_007 kyle_liz_008
Huge shout out to my second shooter, Bara..  She had the best first look photos!!  I was floored when I looked through them.  LOVE!!  So happy she was able to travel with me to Michigan!  She makes my LIFE easier, (and of course more fun).  Love my bestie!

Speaking of besties.. One more sneak peek.  This is my former bride, Lauren w/ Liz.  They are best friends and have matching tattoos of their dogs.  Does it get cuter than that??  Nope.


Lauren - YES YES YES!

Kathryn - I wept looking at these:)

anne deane - Love the picture. My children are so in love

Anne Deane - Can’t wait to see more pictures of Elizabeth & Kyle Baker

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Devon + Jacob- Wedding

ramsey_wed_069 This super sweet couple’s wedding had all the feels.  Devon & Jacob are amazing, passionate Christians, and it really shows in who they are as individuals and as a couple.  And in my opinion, there’s really nothing more beautiful than a love that has Jesus in it.  I can’t explain it, but there’s just this feeling that there is something greater in the room.
When I met Jacob & Devon, we began talking, and come to find out Jacob is attending the very same small seminary that I went to when I lived in New Orleans.  What are the chances?  Seriously.  Crazy.  Then when we hung out at their engagement session, I had such an amazing time getting to know them, laughing my butt off (I wish that could be literal).  But I loved working with this beautiful couple.  Their wedding day came along, and I was so excited.  I knew it was going to be super special. ramsey_wed_070 ramsey_wed_071 ramsey_wed_072 Be prepared.  You are about to see the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever.  There is no topping this one.  Devon kept a secret journal, beginning the very first day she met Jacob.  And she continued to write in it throughout their courtship.  She gave it to her bridesmaids to deliver to Jacob down the hall.  I sent my fab second shooter, Bara, to capture it all.  She said she was so moved, never even have met the couple before, she was literally moved to tears.  Everyone in the room was moved to tears.  I just love the images that Bara captured perfectly.  You can really see the joy, shock and all of the emotions that one would have receiving such an incredible gift. ramsey_wed_073 ramsey_wed_074 ramsey_wed_075 ramsey_wed_076 ramsey_wed_077 “This is my second wedding.  I got this.” — The flower girl ramsey_wed_078 ramsey_wed_079 ramsey_wed_080 How creative is this?  This backdrop blocking out all the Sunday morning instruments did it’s job with style!!  I LOVED this fabric strip curtain, decorated with tons of colorful rosettes.  Perfection. ramsey_wed_081 ramsey_wed_082 ramsey_wed_083 ramsey_wed_084 ramsey_wed_085 Before the ceremony, the bride and bridesmaids were ushered upstairs so the guests wouldn’t see her.  We all had a fun time hanging out & cutting up. ramsey_wed_086 ramsey_wed_087 ramsey_wed_088 ramsey_wed_089 ramsey_wed_090 This is the first time that I’ve ever had the honor of photographing a feet washing ceremony.  It’s about serving one another.  Taking care of one another.  Jesus washed the feet of his disciples to serve them & to show his humility.  Isn’t that what every marriage needs?  It gave me chills.  Like I said, it was an honor for me to be there at such a beautiful moment. ramsey_wed_091 ramsey_wed_092 ramsey_wed_093 ramsey_wed_094 ramsey_wed_095 ramsey_wed_096 The reception took place at the beautiful, historic garden of the Ybor City Museum.  The details were outstanding. ramsey_wed_097 ramsey_wed_098 ramsey_wed_099 ramsey_wed_100 ramsey_wed_101 ramsey_wed_102 ramsey_wed_103 ramsey_wed_104 ramsey_wed_105 ramsey_wed_106 ramsey_wed_107 ramsey_wed_108 ramsey_wed_109 ramsey_wed_110 ramsey_wed_111 ramsey_wed_112 ramsey_wed_113 ramsey_wed_114 I couldn’t love this picture more.  These girls looked on as Devon & Jacob danced their first dance.  They were in awe, like they were watching a real live prince & princess. ramsey_wed_115 ramsey_wed_116 ramsey_wed_117 ramsey_wed_118 ramsey_wed_119 ramsey_wed_120 ramsey_wed_121 ramsey_wed_122 ramsey_wed_123 ramsey_wed_124 I sneaked up on this cutie pie while she was sitting there zoned out with fistfuls of crayons.  I took a picture and she looked at me with this expression.  Of course I took another picture.  She was too irresistible.  I was worried that I made her mad because her expression didn’t change, like at all for a solid 5 seconds.  Then I asked her if she wanted to see her picture, and she lit up.  Whew.  I would have felt awful if I made her cry.  She was a doll. ramsey_wed_125 Another first for me.  And I love this just as much as the feet washing ceremony.  They bought a study bible and used it as a guest book.  Practical, special… all the feels. ramsey_wed_126 ramsey_wed_127 ramsey_wed_128 ramsey_wed_129 ramsey_wed_130 ramsey_wed_131 ramsey_wed_132 ramsey_wed_133 ramsey_wed_134 ramsey_wed_135 ramsey_wed_136

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Downtown St. Petersburg Engagement Session- Elle + Dan

downtown_st_pete_engagement_001 It’s getting to be that time in the year where there’s unpredictable rain.  Having scheduled this session & Elle’s makeup & hair was already done by the fab Stephanie w/ B. Moore Artistry, it’s hard to postpone due to bad weather.  All day long it was gorgeous, and as I’m driving towards downtown, it looked like a dang hurricane was coming.  I managed to take 5 pictures before it started raining, so we ran and took cover at the Museum of Arts.  Beautiful spot to take pictures, although it’s not exactly permitted.  But we snuck some, praying that they wouldn’t kick us out in the rain if we got caught.  Luckily, this storm passed fast and we were able to enjoy some sunlight.  Florida is weird..  weird, weird, weird.  But this couple was anything but weird.. They were so funny, and we all had so much fun.  Their dog, Shadow even came along, and was so excited to be involved.  Too bad, he was soaked from the puddles, so it was hard to get him into pictures since they weren’t able to hold him.  But we managed to get a few.  :)
Elle & Dan’s wedding is a year away, and I can’t wait to work with them again!  I love it when my couples & I instantly click.  It makes working together fun, and doesn’t at all seem like work.  I love my job. downtown_st_pete_engagement_002 downtown_st_pete_engagement_003 downtown_st_pete_engagement_004 downtown_st_pete_engagement_005 downtown_st_pete_engagement_006 downtown_st_pete_engagement_007 downtown_st_pete_engagement_008 downtown_st_pete_engagement_009 downtown_st_pete_engagement_010 downtown_st_pete_engagement_011 downtown_st_pete_engagement_012

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Boudoir – Mrs K

K_Boudoir_001 There’s something about doing boudoir..  The fearlessness.. The empowerment..  I love to see women feel comfortable and confident with themselves enough to be in such a vulnerable space.  It’s really an honor that Mrs K as well as my past clients trust me to take such personal photos of them.  I have so much fun doing it, too.  I get to be creative and use each girl’s best assets and features to make some amazing (and sexy) art.  Mrs K wanted to do this session for her husband who is coming home after a long time working in Texas!  I think he’s going to be very happy when he sees these!  He has one BEAUTIFUL wife! K_Boudoir_002 K_Boudoir_003 K_Boudoir_004 K_Boudoir_005 K_Boudoir_006 K_Boudoir_007 K_Boudoir_008 K_Boudoir_009 K_Boudoir_010

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St. Petersburg Engagement Session- Lauren + Rob

St_Pete_Engagement_001 How adorable is this couple with the sweetest dog ever?  (I can say that because my dog is only sweet to me)  Lillybelle had a blast being the center of attention.  I can see why Lauren & Rob wanted her to come along for their engagement session.  She’s family and so super sweet.  It was also pretty hilarious to see tiny Jennifer from Oh Hello Events try to contain Lillybelle when she wasn’t needed for pictures.  When it was just Lauren & Rob, you could feel the ease they had with each other.  They are super adorable together, and I had so much fun photographing them.  They are getting married at my favorite venue, the Powel Crosley Estate in November.  Amazing venue!  Amazing wedding planner!  Amazing couple!  This wedding will be one for the books.  Be prepared. St_Pete_Engagement_002 St_Pete_Engagement_003 St_Pete_Engagement_004 St_Pete_Engagement_005 St_Pete_Engagement_006 St_Pete_Engagement_007 St_Pete_Engagement_008 St_Pete_Engagement_009 St_Pete_Engagement_010

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